About us

We live off the beaten track. Siedlisko Gizewo is above all our home. We put a lot of heart and work to be able to share with the guests the charms of this place. This is not a commercial holiday resort. We have a great respect for the Siedlisko itself, the peace and quiet that prevail in it and the guests who want to visit our habitat. A gravel, communal road leading to the Habitat has delimiters in the form of holes, which means that from the entry man slows down the pace;). Poor coverage and lack of Wi-Fi in this place is an advantage.


It is not possible to prepare meals on your own. The rooms do not have a fridge. We also do not offer a communal kitchen. In the corridors there are kettles for preparing coffee and tea. For people who want to spend their holidays in Siedlisko, we offer meals in the form of breakfast half board. Cottages equipped with an annex give a greater possibility of independence.


The car park is free, unguarded. We expect silence from our guests (22: 30-7: 00). No smoking is in force in all Siedliska buildings. We kindly ask you to turn off the lights and TV before leaving the room and after closing it up with a key. Parents are asked to look after the children. Every person who accepts guests at home wants to respect the principles of respect for property. SG is our home :).


Trees and stones do not have safety certificates with us. We do not have animators and babysitters. Each guest is responsible for their own child. The bathing area is not guarded. You can collect firewood in a nearby forest. Habitat is not a place for people who like party-alcoholic relaxation.

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