Stud farm and animals

Our animals live in the center part of SG where the stable is located. It is open to our guests. It is a huge attraction for children. We do not waste food. Hens, turkeys, guinea fowls, geese and ducks get peelings and any leftovers from fruit and vegetables. The bread is dried for horses and donkeys.

Our herd is numerous. Please leave your pets in the care of family or friends or at a hotel for animals recommended by us.

  • horse riding lessons, horse trips, horse-drawn carriage rides (winter sleigh season),
  • horse trips
  • additional boxes for horses for rent
  • the opportunity to commune with animals
  • stork nest on the roof of the barn
  • closeness of nature, large clusters of forest animals (elks, roe deer, hares, beavers, squirrels, birds)



Lake Kiersztanowskie, typical deep gutter lake up to 32.5 meters. Part of the Dajna river route, which is an alternative to the crowded Krutynia trail. At the southern end of the lake lies the village of Kiersztanowo. Water is clean. This is evidenced by the presence of crayfish and mussels. The advantage may be the fact that Kiersztanowskie does not lie on the Great Masurian Lakes Route, where the presence of people, yachts and motorboats significantly hinders rest. The lake was full of vendace years ago. Currently, pike, bream, roach, perch and eel dominate.nes of SG touch forests and meadows.

  • kayaks (kayaking trips to the Sanctuary in Saint Lipka located nearby)
  • rowing boats for recreation or fishing
  • boat trips on the lake for max. 12 people with a motor or sail
  • pontoon
  • water bikes
  • windsurfing boards
  • private beach with a jetty
  • places for anglers
  • beach volleyball court


Sport and recreation

Some of the attractions are made by ourselves, the rest has been provided by nature.

  • the gym
  • sauna and tub on the shore of the lake
  • billiards
  • table football
  • ping-pong
  • trampoline in the barn
  • Children’s Playground
  • football pitch
  • volleyball and badminton court
  • siesta on a hammock or deckchairs
  • grill and fireplace (gazebo on the shore of the lake)
  • mushroom picking
  • cycling and running routes
  • walks in the woods and ravines


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